Erik Cox

Freelance developer


18 Sep 2014

Making a photo album

This week we are going to create a simple photo album to see how displaying images works in Android. It...

11 Sep 2014

Creating a temperature converter

In this application we are going to build a simple temperature converter. It will calculate to two decimal places. For...

04 Sep 2014

Displaying months in random colors

In this application we are going to display the 12 months of the year at random, in different colors when...

29 Aug 2014

First Program

In this program we are going to print a few lines of text in different colors. First Try In Android...

28 Aug 2014

Getting Started With Android Development

To get started, you’ll need to install Android Studio. You can get it along with instructions at the Android developer...

21 Aug 2014

Welcome to my development blog

Hi, my name is Erik Cox. I am a professional Web Developer and Software Engineering student. I am currently learning...